Losing weight and keeping it off takes more than counting calories. The Weight Management team at Kaiser Permanente Colorado is here to help. We will help you achieve long-term success by tackling all aspects of your care — medical, nutritional, and behavioral.

What we do

Weight is more than a number on a scale. It’s about how you feel every day — inside and out. And that’s why at Kaiser Permanente, we focus on you. Everyone we treat gets a customized weight-loss plan when they come to us. We also offer:

  • Prescription weight-loss medications
  • Bariatric surgery (gastric sleeve and gastric bypass)
  • Classes and resources
  • Meal replacement plans
  • Diabetes care
  • High-intensity lifestyle modification in a group setting
  • And more

We’ll evaluate other medical conditions you may have that could affect your weight, such as sleep apnea and hypothyroidism.

We help 400 to 500 patients a year manage their weight. Our weight-loss surgery patients lose an average of 56–69% of their excess body weight within a year of surgery, and an average of 52–62% within two years of surgery. As many as 650 patients a year participate in our Healthy Connections Program, and the average weight loss of those who complete the program is 6% of initial body weight.

Questions about your health?
Learn more about our weight management programs at KP Healthy Me. Learn about weight management. If you just need to ask a question, message your doctor via

Who we are

If you’re looking for a health care team with expertise in obesity and obesity-related conditions, you’ve come to the right place. We are specialists who’ve dedicated our careers to delivering care to our patients who struggle with obesity. Among our professionals are:

  • One psychologist
  • Bariatric surgeons
  • Medical physicians
  • Nurse practitioners and physician assistants
  • Nurses and registered dietitians

Our team consists of regionally and nationally recognized experts in the fields of adult obesity, bariatric surgery, and nutrition management.

Search our Permanente doctors. Read the personal stories of select doctors across all departments, and learn why they chose to practice at Kaiser Permanente.

Connected care

Your weight-loss success is important to us because we know the benefits it can bring to your overall health. We believe that the unique, multidisciplinary nature of our team ensures the best results for you.

When you work with us, you’ll have a team of weight-loss specialists coordinating with your primary care provider and other health care providers. You’ll receive the same treatment across the board.

Our surgical team operates in the bariatric center of excellence at SCL Health Saint Joseph Hospital. A multidisciplinary team meets regularly to review and share insights about weight-loss surgeries.

The way we practice medicine at Kaiser Permanente gives us the freedom to focus on care, rather than running a business. We are free to practice medicine the way it is supposed to be practiced — with a focus on providing expert, compassionate care to you.

Every member of your care team is here to support you through your journey. When you have excellent doctors, truly connected care teams, advanced technology, and the right partners, you can expect great results.

Each year, Kaiser Permanente doctors are recognized as top doctors by their peers and publications such as 5280 magazine. Some have joined us from top-ranked academic training programs and successful private practices. Others have been honored for their invaluable contributions to medical advancements and new surgical techniques that help patients heal quickly and with less pain.

Our hospital partners have a track record of success and are often recognized as regional or national centers of excellence for their specialties. We also partner with national organizations, contributing to large, cutting-edge, research projects.