Transgender: Brit

[Kaiser Permanente Rock Creek Medical Offices’] Ob-gyn Department is trans-friendly. I feel very lucky. All staff treated me with respect and used my real name instead of my legal one. Never gendered me.

Cancer: Phil

Were it not for your diligence and persistence in the absence of any clear-cut symptoms, I suspect my lymphoma would not have been detected for several more months – perhaps too late to treat effectively.

Cancer: Lyn

When I was first diagnosed, my son was in 5th grade. Now he has graduated from college and is a young man. I think this represents the biggest gift you give people — TIME. Thank you.

Cancer: Cheryl

I’m incredibly grateful for the amazing care my surgeons and specialists provided throughout my journey. Not only did they remove the cancer and keep it away, they played a critical role in helping me mentally and spiritually, giving me a sense of hope and...