The interventional radiology doctors at Kaiser Permanente Colorado have a single mission: improving patient care through minimally invasive procedures. We combine the latest technology and techniques with professional expertise and compassion. Our patient-centered approach is designed to have you back at your best in the shortest amount of time possible.


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What we do

We use the latest imaging technology to deliver targeted therapy to specific areas of the body and offer a full range of services. Some common treatments we provide include:

  • Image-guided biopsies
  • Multiple types of vascular procedures
  • Interventional oncology procedures, such as embolizations and ablations
  • Vascular-access procedures, such as chest ports
  • Dialysis access and fistulagrams
  • Vertebroplasty to treat back pain

Who we are

Our expertise is always focused on what is best for you. Our highly skilled doctors are the exclusive providers of IR services for all patients — including non-Kaiser Permanente patients — at SCL Health Saint Joseph Hospital and SCL Health Good Samaritan Medical Center.

Our team consists of board-certified doctors, a nurse, and a medical assistant.

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Connected care

At Kaiser Permanente, your IR doctors work with physicians across many specialties, including cancer care, women’s health, heart and vascular care, gastroenterology, urology, pulmonology, and more. We regularly discuss complex cases with doctors in these and other specialties. We are all connected to each other — and to you — through your electronic health record, so we are always on the same page when it comes to your care.

The way we practice medicine at Kaiser Permanente gives us the freedom to focus on care, rather than running a business. We are free to practice medicine the way it is supposed to be practiced — with a focus on providing expert, compassionate care to you.

Every member of your care team is here to support you through your journey. When you have excellent doctors, truly connected care teams, advanced technology, and the right partners, you can expect great results.

Each year, Kaiser Permanente doctors are recognized as top doctors by their peers and publications such as 5280 magazine. Some have joined us from top-ranked academic training programs and successful private practices. Others have been honored for their invaluable contributions to medical advancements and new surgical techniques that help patients heal quickly and with less pain.

Our hospital partners have a track record of success and are often recognized as regional or national centers of excellence for their specialties. We also partner with national organizations, contributing to large, cutting-edge, research projects.