The Cardiology Department at Kaiser Permanente Colorado is dedicated to providing you with the highest-quality medical care available today. By closely partnering with area hospitals and physicians across specialty areas within Kaiser Permanente, we provide seamless transitions from diagnosis to recovery.


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What we do

Although we treat a vast range of heart and vascular conditions, we also recognize that every patient is unique. Because of that, our cardiology doctors practice evidence-based care that is personalized for each member. Some of the conditions we treat include:

  • Chest pain
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Heart failure
  • Peripheral vascular disease
  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • Congenital heart disease
  • Electrophysiology
  • And more

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When you receive care from any of our heart and vascular care doctors, you receive world-class treatment at the cutting edge of medicine. It’s treatment that produces results:

  • Kaiser Permanente Colorado is the highest-performing plan in the state, and among the top ten plans in the nation, for controlling blood pressure, which helps patients avoid strokes.
  • Our members are less likely than those with any other health care institution to have a second heart attack.

Sometimes innovation comes not from using the latest technology or knowing how to perform the most cutting-edge procedures. It can also come from having the experience and expertise to recognize that serious heart-related events can happen to people who don’t have apparent risk factors.

Our physicians are trusted to share their expertise with the next generation of cardiologists through residency teaching programs. We also participate in major national “registries,” where information about heart and vascular conditions and the latest treatments is collected and shared with doctors across the country. This helps shape the future of cardiac care across the U.S. Our care has earned recognition for its high quality, including the Million Hearts Award for blood pressure management.

Who we are

Our team consists of board-certified cardiologists who specialize in general or interventional cardiology, as well as cardiac electrophysiology. Because they don’t have to worry about running a medical practice, they are empowered to practice medicine the way it should be practiced — collaboratively, with dignity and humanity at the heart.

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Connected care

At Kaiser Permanente, we manage care with an integrated approach. We coordinate with your primary care provider, clinical pharmacists, and any providers involved in your care. For instance, our Clinical Pharmacy Cardiac Risk Service helps members who have had a cardiac event manage their medications to reduce the risk of a second event. The Anti-Coagulation Clinic assists members who are on blood thinners manage their blood tests and other necessary care.

All of our doctors, regardless of specialty, and other care team members are connected to each other — and to you — through your electronic medical records, so we are always on the same page when it comes to your care.

The way we practice medicine at Kaiser Permanente gives us the freedom to focus on care, rather than running a business. We are free to practice medicine the way it is supposed to be practiced — with a focus on providing expert, compassionate care to you.

Every member of your care team is here to support you through your journey. When you have excellent doctors, truly connected care teams, advanced technology, and the right partners, you can expect great results.

Each year, Kaiser Permanente doctors are recognized as top doctors by their peers and publications such as 5280 magazine. Some have joined us from top-ranked academic training programs and successful private practices. Others have been honored for their invaluable contributions to medical advancements and new surgical techniques that help patients heal quickly and with less pain.

Our hospital partners have a track record of success and are often recognized as regional or national centers of excellence for their specialties. We also partner with national organizations, contributing to large, cutting-edge, research projects.