Whether you’ve got an illness or an injury, knowing how serious it is and how soon you should seek medical attention is the starting point of your recovery. If you have a medical emergency, you should call 911 or go to the nearest hospital. You are covered for emergency care anywhere.

When you seek emergency care at SCL Health Saint Joseph Hospital’s Emergency Department, you’ll be seen by a Kaiser Permanente Colorado emergency medicine specialist. Our top-notch admissions and bedding processes allow our patients to be roomed quickly, evaluated efficiently, and to receive appropriate, affordable care.

What we do

Our treatment philosophy is based on offering you, our members, affordable, high-quality services. Your best care is our top priority. Our emergency medicine services provide you with dedicated, compassionate care — every time. We specialize in senior services, cardiac care, complex cases, and more.

We make sure our members get personalized care when they stay with us, so we offer private rooms. Our care team’s processes help to shorten the length of stay for:

  • Cardiac care
  • Pulmonary problems
  • Strokes
  • Gastrointestinal illness
  • Kidney problems
  • Infections
  • Trauma and critical illness

We also run a 15-bed observation unit in which patients who would require longer admission at another hospital can stay for efficient, overnight care.

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Who we are

We know that to drive better health outcomes for our patients, our team needs to be with you at every step. Our care team includes a specialized group of physicians who are highly skilled in emergency medicine. We have clinical pharmacists in the emergency department to help you with medicines, and we partner with scribes to provide quality documentation, which allows the physician to spend more time at your bedside. We have physician assistants who specialize in orthopedics and lacerations. And we have physicians at our Kaiser Permanente Urgent Care sites.

Our services don’t stop with our patients — we help the next generation of emergency medicine specialists master their knowledge and skills. We have the only community rotation for the Denver Health emergency medicine residency. This collaboration makes them — and us — even better.

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Connected care

An emergency situation requires fast responses from your health care system. Our Integrated care model helps us get you the help you need in a hurry.

Your care starts as early as when you call the Appointment and Advice Contact Center. We can often resolve our patients’ problems over the phone. If we can’t, we notify your providers that you’re coming in. This service isn’t exclusive to adults — we have this working relationship with Children’s Hospital Colorado, as well. Members can also get medical advice through our online chat feature, which connects them to Kaiser Permanente doctors in real time. Our Emergency Care doctors participate in online chat, as well.

It’s important that you get the care you need, when you need it. If we can help you with a simple phone call, or if you need immediate attention, we’ll be there with you every step of the way. Your electronic medical record allows us to communicate with your other health care providers to ensure you receive the right care at the right time, and it keeps us all on the same page.

The way we practice medicine at Kaiser Permanente gives us the freedom to focus on care, rather than running a business. We are free to practice medicine the way it is supposed to be practiced — with a focus on providing expert, compassionate care to you.

Every member of your care team is here to support you through your journey. When you have excellent doctors, truly connected care teams, advanced technology, and the right partners, you can expect great results.

Each year, Kaiser Permanente doctors are recognized as top doctors by their peers and publications such as 5280 magazine. Some have joined us from top-ranked academic training programs and successful private practices. Others have been honored for their invaluable contributions to medical advancements and new surgical techniques that help patients heal quickly and with less pain.

Our hospital partners have a track record of success and are often recognized as regional or national centers of excellence for their specialties. We also partner with national organizations, contributing to large, cutting-edge, research projects.