Colorado Permanente Medical Group (CPMG)

In an integrated system, physicians lead care teams that are connected to each other — and to patients — through a shared electronic health record system (EHR). This allows providers to collaborate on care and to make decisions based on what’s best for patients, free from the business pressures of medicine.

We are here because we believe in world-class medicine, and Permanente Medicine is the best way to deliver world-class care. We are committed to preventive care but have some of the nation’s leading specialists, all sharing their experience and innovations throughout the medical community and EHR.

Our technology-driven, evidenced-based approach to care allows us to rapidly adopt proven treatments and practices — and also pioneer new ones. So we can bring you and your loved ones the high-quality care that we’d want for ourselves and for our loved ones. It’s care based on respect for you, for those important to you, and for the communities we all share. See our list of specialties.